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When booking please include your email, name, birth date + time and birth location (City, State, Country).


If you aren’t aware of your exact time of birth please notate that too, I can still pull a chart for you. Also provide any information as to what brought you in for a reading so I can prepare in the best way for your unique circumstance.


* All information shared will remain confidential.

1 Hour - Live Tarot Reading

$199.00 Regular Price
$179.10Sale Price
  • This is a live tarot reading with me where we will meet at a predetermined time via Zoom (video optional).

    All readings include a standard celtic cross spread as well as supplemental oracle cards pulled to further explain the message Spirit is relaying. I can also do additional spreads if time permits (relationship spread, health spread etc.) We go with the flow. I have no predetermined format, I like to keep the readings conversational. You can choose to focus on any area of life, we can talk about it all! :) Also if we happen to go over the time, you only pay the price that was predetermined.

    Feel free to do a voice recording of this reading so you can listen again in your own time.

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