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When booking please include your email, name, birth date + time and birth location (City, State, Country).


If you aren’t aware of your exact time of birth please notate that too, I can still pull a chart for you. Also provide any information as to what brought you in for a reading so I can prepare in the best way for your unique circumstance.


Also please provide as much detail as you would like about why you are requesting a reading. You can go very in depth, or keep it vague. The story will help me choose the decks and also allow me to channel easier. You can always go with the reading "go with the flow "style. This way, the Divine can choose whatever message they believe is most important at the moment. Either way, there's a message for you!


* All information shared will remain confidential.

30 Minute Pre-Recorded Reading

  • This is a 30 minute pre-recorded tarot reading where I pull on any area of your life you choose. The video will be sent as a private Youtube link, so you can view it at any time. If there is a certain deck you would like me to use you can mention that as well :) 

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