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Who am I?

Since I was a child, I was gifted with a strong intuition - often having prophetic dreams regarding my life and others. I grew up in the church, and formed a personal relationship with Christ at a young age and would constantly receive prophecies in church about my spiritual gifts. These experiences continusly confirmed my path in life and helped me learn to trust the voice of the Holy Spirit.. As a young girl my parents would bring my brother and I into Barnes and Noble for hours and allowed us to browse. From there, I found myself in the Psychology and Astrology sections - deep diving into the human condition before I even hit puberty. That innate curiosity as a little girl led me to be the intuitive healer that I am today. 

As an actress and intuitive, I consider myself an advocate with the power to change the world and raise the collective consciousness. Advocating for another’s unadulterated truth is my calling. After graduating with honors from the University of Southern California (BA in Psychology, and minor in Theatre Arts) I had a better understanding of the human condition as a whole.  Simply put we are conditioned to wear masks to the world, instead of being who we really are. With that understanding I consciously work at being my most authentic self, so I can influence the energy of where I am, rather than falling victim the lower energies around me. My readings allow me to give that gift to others as well.

Personally , I love to read, drink tea, meditate and practice Yoga and Muy Thai. I focus on fostering my personal the relationship with Christ daily, and to treat everyone as Christ would. I believe we are all made in God's image and believe no matter what religion, belief system or ideologies someone comes from - I advocate for all . I am currently learning to write scripts, as storytelling is a passion of mines. I would eventually love to produce my own content that aligns with ErmAlchemy, material that uplifts and educates people on their inherent power.

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